Due to COVID-19 restrictions, classes at Melbourne headquarters are suspended until further notice. We are providing current members at Cheung's Wing Chun Kung Fu Academy access to online Zoom classes as well as instructional videos from our online library during this time. We look forward to welcoming you to our new Brunswick headquarters later in the year. Thank you for your support during this difficult time!

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Colloidal Silver Drops
59 ml bottle (2 fl. oz); High potency - 500 ppm
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Naturally enhances the immune system.  Colloidal silver and mild silver proteins have been used as an antibiotic around the world for hundreds of years! 

HealthWave Colloidal Silver™ Drops are a strong, convenient, safe, natural, effective and very cost effective way to enhance the Immune System.

It is strong because it is processed with a unique Proprietary, Energy Enhancing Scalar Wave Technology. This technology electrically rearranges the molecules into an organized crystalline matrix, making it more effective and beneficial in the body.

It is of the highest quality, made with the best Silver available and is produced with the latest Advanced European Colloidal Technology using Current Good Manufacturing Practices. This assures high quality, a small 0.001 micron particle size and uniform suspension. The small 0.001 micron particle size minimizes any chance of Argria or discoloration of the skin.

It is an excellent value because one bottle will last a long time.  A maintenance dose is 3 drops twice a day. With this dose there are 190 doses in one bottle.


  • Silver has been used throughout history as a disinfectant.
  • The Chinese and Greeks used it to line their drinking vessels in order to sanitise the water contained in the vessels.
  • Silver was beaten into a thin paper and used by the Egyptians to wrap around wounds to avoid infection.
  • Pioneers in the USA placed silver coins in their water casks to retard bacteria growth.
  • Australian bushmen used silver in their water tanks to keep the water fresh.
  • Farmers put a silver coin in a container of milk to prolong its life, in the days before refrigeration.
  • A silver coin was placed in petri dishes of chemists to sanitise them.
  • It has no known side effects.
  • The body never develops a tolerance.
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